Blue Flower

There were 6 of us today, we cleared up some of the rubble lying around the site and removed weeds from the top of the trench to tidy up the area around the wheel ready for the Heritage open days, although the weeds will probably have returned by then. The large bags of sand were consolidated from 6 into 3 which immediately gave the site a much tidier appearance.

Some of the finds had been left out where they were discovered and these were collated, sorted and recorded. There are several more piles to be recorded. Finds in the lock-up were sorted, some items had labels coming off and these were re-attached, also some finds were loose and un-recorded so these were separated ready for recording.

The site was measured up ready for a plan to be drawn up showing the locations and sizes of the various features we have uncovered. It was suggested that the website could have this as an interactive plan so you could click on a feature and see pictures of it.

The down river tunnel was excavated at the far end to see if any more bones were there, but rain stopped play at this point and we had an early finish around 2:30.

We had a stand at Narborough Village Fair  on 26/7/15 publicising the bone mill with finds and pictures of the restoration work on display.

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