Blue Flower

A lot of work had already been done at the weekend, at the maltings the temporary bridge with railings had been finished, and at the mill several jobs had been done. The grindstones have been put beside the river at an angle so water runs off and they can be seen from the footpath, the rectangular bottom stones opposite the water wheel have been put back in place and straightened, the swivel mounting for the bridge has been set into the ground, the seat has been moved to the riverside area and the arch former has been put in the tunnel ready for brickwork to be finished.

There were 4 volunteers working today, the fencing tape and fittings kit had arrived so we unpacked and inspected them, we now need wooden posts so we can put up fencing ready for the open days.

We are all very enthusiastic about our latest historic pictures of the mill showing it partly dismantled with a chimney, and another of the complete mill. We noticed several differences between these and the original Victorian photo. We will put these on display inside the wagon.

While working we noticed Blue Tits going into one of the nesting boxes we put up a few weeks ago, we also saw Swans, Pied and Grey Wagtails.

We spent most of the time putting down sandbags to hold soil in place until walls are rebuilt, getting soil from the spoil heaps and spreading it out level on the river side areas. Then we raked the areas over and sprinkled grass seed down.

We had hot dogs for lunch in the wagon again, and an afternoon tea break sitting on the seat and grindstones by the river in the sun. There were a large number of interesting finds today and from last weekend, mainly from the soil heaps. These were all recorded, photographed and boxed, for details and pictures see the finds log

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