Blue Flower

We fitted a new display on the railway wagon wall and modified a cooker, so we now have two hotplates and a grill which we tested by making twice as much tea as usual, and a piece of toast.

We noticed some rubbish in the river so we crossed the bridge with waders and a long rake and retrieved a drinks can and bottle. We met some walkers who asked if they could join us so we showed them around and gave them tea and biscuits, their dog had a bowl of water and dog biscuits. The water wheel was measured up for making balance weights and peanuts were topped up in the bird feeder.

David has been searching the archives of The Norwich Mercury newspaper for articles about the mill and reported that a local man was charged with stealing lead and brass from the roof of the bone mill in 1859.

Finds included an adjuster rod and phosphor bronze bearing both found in a newly discovered curved pit just in front of the water wheel. We fenced off this area to prevent damage from people walking over it. Another find was a clay pipe barrel found near the blacksmith area. Glass jar pieces and sheet metal parts were also found there.

Swaffham Tesco have donated a large amount of food to us and Homebase of Dereham gave us Thomson Water Seal and grass seed to enable us to preserve the brick floors.

On 15/6/17 we managed to get the water wheel turning using a diesel pump, although we got rather wet it was worth it as this will be an environment friendly way to turn the wheel on open days as the river level is not affected.

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