Blue Flower

We have been cutting grass, weeding and tidying up the garden and a water feed pipe for turning the water wheel has been installed ready for Heritage Open Days on 9 & 10 September.

Dennis made two display boards and David arranged finds on them, they will be drilled so finds can be wired to them and hung on the wagon doors.

The elevator pit was weeded, cleaned out and filled with gravel and the elevator placed on top which sets it off well.

We uncovered the bottom of a lock further up river and Adam found an old large glass jar, pieces of wood with nails from lock gates and metal rods. Finds from other areas include a square washer, bolt head, and ivory handle.

Barry brought along a game of Quoits which we all played. We had several visitors, and we noticed the river level is the lowest it has been since we started work two years ago, the downstream side of the water wheel is now dry.

We had the company of seven Swans, we also saw a Stoat, Cormorant, Kingfisher, Kestrels, and Buzzards. Great Tits were eating from our peanut feeder.

Please remember to vote for the bone mill if you shop at Tesco Swaffham, as this will help us get a Bags of Help grant of up to £4,000 for equipment to look after and improve the mill.

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