Blue Flower

Back in July a group of ladies from Essex stayed in the holiday cottages next to the maltings, and Beryl arranged for them to visit the bonemill, see the picture below. Visitors are welcome at the mill, group visits can be arranged by contacting us and on Thursdays when volunteers are working, walkers on the footpath can cross our footbridge and join us for a tour of the site and a cup of coffee.

We opened as part of Heritage Open Days on 8 & 9 September 2018 which was a great success with over 110 visitors at the weekend. New displays and features were put in and around the Little Mill visitor centre for this event including a saladin box from the maltings used to turn the malt, a model of the mill buildings and a new information board on the footpath.

A family of Swans was nearby while we were working and several RAF Marham jets flew directly over us. The river level is high at the moment with the downstream floor under the wheel completely submerged. Recent work parties involved getting ready for the open days by tidying and preparing the site.

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