Blue Flower

In the last three weeks we had four visitors from Norwich who looked around the mill and gave a contribution in our donation box. We tidied the elevator pit and oiled the main water wheel bearings ready for Heritage Open Days.

Bricks adjacent to the floors were cleared of soil and washed clean with river water, a historic picture from our display boards which blew into the river was retrieved and dried in the sun, side tables on the bench opposite the water wheel were painted with preservative and levelled.

We started clearing and tidying the storage container and moved a shelving unit into the visitor centre so more displays can be put out. The fence around the cistern top was repaired to avoid visitors walking on the fragile surface.

There were 3 more fallen trees blocking the footpath so we crossed our footbridge and cut them away, moving the debris aside for wildlife habitat. We dragged a large branch out of the river near the mill, this was cut into logs for our woodburner in the railway wagon which will soon be in use. The grass areas around the riverside wall and wagon were mown and strimmed.

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