Blue Flower

The river level is very high again after the recent rain, I had another walk to the mill along the Nar Valley Way on 22/1/21 to have a look.

The footpath is very muddy and slippery with water running from the overflowing ditch across the path into the river in one place, you need wellies!

At the mill the water is above the lip at the lead in to the brick floor in front of the water wheel, this is the highest I have ever seen, apart from when we raised the river level the first time we turned the wheel.

On the downstream side, the bottom of the wheel is completely submerged under water. The pier is a good gauge point of water level, there are only 24 rows of bricks visible on the pier when there are usually 30 rows (26 on 2/1/21). Thanks to Barry Raspberry for two of the pictures.

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