Blue Flower

At the latest Thursday work parties we cleared fallen branches on the footpath and cut them up for fuel for our woodburner stove in the railway wagon

I made and fitted a sign board for our bridge which invites walkers on the footpath to join us for a look round. While working on the bridge we noticed a loose floor panel so this was repaired. Bushes were pruned slightly to allow the bridge to rotate freely.

We filled the water tank in the loft of the visitor centre, this is for the flushing toilet. A rainwater butt is used for this and the pump battery is charged with a solar panel on the roof.

All the grass including the track was cut. We took the small mower across the bridge and cut along the footpath opposite the mill, some walkers on the path joined us for a look round.

Eddie started to weed the large brick floor and found a bolt head sticking out of the Carstone wall which was left in situ.

On our way back the Swan family were in their usual place along the track and seemed reluctant to let us pass, but eventually they moved off into the river.

Narborough Museum has close ties with the bone mill and their public open day is on Sunday 1 August at Meadway, Pentney Road, Narborough (opposite the old station) from 10am to 3pm. The open day is funded by HLF25, celebrating 25 years of the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

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