Blue Flower

7/10/2021  We were archaeologists again this week, Eddie continued digging the trench across the boiling house and found the far side of the tar floor. The boiling house was between the blacksmith’s shop and the main building as shown in the model, it was used for boiling bones to make them brittle for grinding and to remove fat. The area was explored in 2015 by Dennis but was then covered over, we are uncovering it again to display the foundations so they can be viewed from our wildflower area which will be next to it.

One of the iron corner brackets was removed in 2015 and put on top of the quoin stones, so we knew what to look for. Using pictures from 2015 and the metal detector I found metal rods and plates, then the iron corner bracket next to the front of the blacksmith area. It has nails and traces of wood so we believe these went at the bottom of timber posts. 

When working at the boiling house a Grey Wagtail was in the river nearby and while eating our lunch there were 3 Buzzards calling overhead. We had four visitors from Wisbech and Nottingham who crossed our bridge from the footpath, they looked around the mill and saw our visitor centre and asked about the work we were doing.

14/10/2021  We cut all the grass this week and also cut the track on the way there and back. Eddie strimmed all the edges and around the grindstones and furniture.

Jan and Sue visited and looked around the mill and watched us working before continuing their walk.

I oiled the lock on the back shutter of the visitor centre as it was hard to unlock at the open days, we only usually open it for special events, it gives more natural light. I measured the height of the visitor centre as we are thinking of extending it with a small shed to replace the large green container.

We continued digging at the boiling house looking for the iron corner bracket at the back of the building, but we couldn’t find it so assume it must be the one that was removed and put on the quoin stones. Next week we will look for the bracket at the other end. We saw Swans on the river on our way back along the track.

Graham Bartlett                

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