Blue Flower

We saw a large gaggle of Geese and Goslings on the river on our way to the mill today. Opposite the water wheel we had left a small area of grass uncut which was our contribution to No Mow May, but as it is now June, Eddie strimmed this area (we already have many wild areas) as well as strimming around the outdoor features and furniture.

The nest box in the shed has not been used by birds, so the camera was removed and fitted in one of the new Hedgehog boxes. I ran a cable under the wagon and connected it, adjusted the camera angle and put the box back under the wagon along with some dried grass for Hedgehogs to use in their boxes.

We noticed the Great Tits have fledged as their nest box is now empty, but it will probably be re-used this season as they sometimes have two broods. The Jackdaw chick is much bigger and was moving around the box, we got good views of it, we think there is only one now. 

We saw Goldfinches eating from the Nyger feeder, a Chaffinch on the long seed feeder again, Swifts, Pied and Grey wagtails flying around, and a Moorhen with chicks on the river.

I cleaned the contacts on one of the strimmer batteries with a needle file, I also put out and staked down the insect hotels. We mounted a butterfly box on an old bird table stand to put with them. These jobs used some of the tools which Eddie’s mum donated. The insect hotels will be moved to the wildflower area when its ready, we already have wild Daisies growing on the river bank nearby. 

Eddie cleaned out and filled up the bird feeders and topped up their water with a bucket of river water which he also used to water the Lupins, one of which is flowering after my post last week saying they will not flower this year.

Eddie removed the glass panel over a section of the brick floor and pulled out some weeds and dried leaves. We then fitted a door stop to the new shed to prevent the door hitting slates on the roof. Just as we were packing up to go, we saw another Ruby Tailed Wasp, we noticed there are many more insects seen since we made the habitat area so we think they are using it.

We kept looking out for planes, as the Platinum Jubilee flypast was due to fly over Swaffham, but we didn’t see or hear anything, so I watched the celebrations and flypast on TV when I got home. I have been given a Platinum Jubilee Coin by Peter Wilkinson, Chairman of Narborough Parish Council for my work at the bone mill.

Graham Bartlett                

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