Blue Flower

On Wednesday Alan Curl and John Lines visited Narborough museum and the bone mill as they have both loaned items to the museum. I put out the information boards explaining the various features of the mill and gave them a guided tour and it was interesting talking to them. They gave a generous contribution in our donation box.

Narborough community centre are having a public open day on 12 June, village organisations have been invited to have a stall to show what they offer so the bone mill and museum will both have stalls and share the model mill. The bone mill will have a selection of finds, photos and information sheets. A video display of the water wheel turning has been made for this event, it could also be used to show visitors at the mill when it’s not possible to get the wheel turning.

Thursday’s work party started to prepare for this event by looking through the visitor centre displays & finds and deciding what to take. Other work involved removing the glass panel over the brick floor to pull up some weeds, dead heading daffodils, weeding the machinery area, cutting grass which had grown very long after 3 weeks, plus strimming. We also repaired the fence around the cistern as the post bases had come off. The box of cards on our sign had broken so we fitted a piece of plywood to reinforce it.

The side table of the bench on the footpath had been pulled off and thrown into the ditch, which we retrieved. We will get some wood and replace both tables more securely soon.

On our journey down to the mill we often see red legged partridges on the track and when we arrived, there were four near the railway wagon, but they soon disappeared, apart from one in the distance.

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