Blue Flower

This is Volunteers week which recognises the contribution volunteers make to their community. So to all bone mill volunteers past and present, thank you for all you have done. Why not take a look at some of the past pictures and reflect on what we have achieved. Let's also remember Ozzie and Frank who are no longer with us. If you are thinking of returning, it would be a good time as we are now allowed up to 30 people on site. 

In the past two weeks we repaired the cutter height adjustment on the mower and cut all the grass on site, we also started to cut the grass along the track. We raised the seat of the green bench as it was sloping which made it uncomfortable, so we cut blocks of wood and fitted them under the front and painted them black to blend in. The glass panel showing the brick floor was cleaned as it was covered in dried grass cuttings.

We cleared a small fallen tree blocking the footpath opposite the mill and Eddie mowed the grass along the footpath, around our bridge and sign, as well as round the bench, which Dennis has fitted new side tables to. We strimmed both sides of the river along the footpath and around the grindstones and seats.

We saw an oyster catcher flying with food in its beak, red legged partridges along the track, a heron in flight, a swan on the river, pied wagtails around the water wheel and goldfinches flying around.

Next week we need to sort out and bring back all the pictures and finds we need for the display at the Community Centre open day on Saturday 12 June. I have printed and laminated some of the displays and information sheets at home.

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