Blue Flower

Thursday 10/2/22: We collected Sparrow terraces and Dove nest boxes which Dennis made for our Green Community Grant project and put them up on the back of the visitor centre and in the trees. On our way down we saw a flock of Redwings and a Grey Wagtail was flying around at the mill. Hares were running in the fields again.

While putting up Dove boxes across the river we noticed Snowdrops are in flower on the bank which gives a good view from the Nar Valley Way. Eddie filled up the bird feeders again including suet balls supplied by Beryl.

The surround and cover for the boiling house foundation have finally been fitted, this allows visitors to see the metal bracket which held the corner post of the boiling house, which is where bones were boiled to make them brittle for grinding. The cover protects the feature from rain and has an explanation sign, this is part of the Wildflower Meadow project. While working in this area we noticed the blacksmith tunnel end has collapsed, we need to clear soil from inside so it can be repaired.

Dennis gave us some Lupin plants, we put some along the low wall, the rest will be planted near the wildlife habitat as they attract Bees.

Saturday 12/2/22: We had an extra work party to make the base for our shed. David and I first went to the mill to measure up for the shed and take the Owl nest boxes which Swaffham Men’s Shed made.

Back at The Maltings we went with Fred to get some spare RSJs from a building to use for the shed base. David cut them to length, he and I shaped the ends with a grinder so they fit together. Fred made angle brackets and I drilled and fitted the RSJs together to form the base. Fred and Graeme welded a central frame into the structure, which will bolt onto the end of the visitor centre. Beryl kept us supplied with tea and cooked sausages in rolls for our lunch which we all enjoyed.

Thursday 17/2/22: Eddie and I fitted floor boards to the shed base with a lot of help from Fred, who organised delivery of wood & coach bolts, and supplied tools. We drilled the boards and metal frame and bolted the floorboards down. We will make the side panels at a future work party. The shed is part of the Wildflower project.

Graham Bartlett                

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