Blue Flower

Walkers on the Nar Valley Way told us the footpath near River Close was very narrow and overgrown with nettles so we started to clear it with the petrol strimmer, this will need several more sessions. At the mill we used this strimmer to clear around the memorial tree and tunnel exit

Peter has cut the riverside track with the tractor again, it is now much tidier and wider. On our way to the mill we cut back large overhanging brambles on the track. We cut all the grass at the bone mill and strimmed around the edges, grindstones and riverside furniture. 

Eddie repaired the padlock on the container, weeded the large brick floor and pulled up Ragwort from the bank near the blacksmith’s area where he saw a Peacock Butterfly. I treated the bearing covers with wood preservative and oiled the water wheel bearings and elevator. We saved the Poppy seeds from the end of the visitor centre to use on our wildflower area which we plan to have soon.

We had a visit from Brian and Sue who crossed our footbridge and looked around, they have visited several times including open days. The next opening will be Heritage Open Days on 18 & 19 September 2021, we hope to have the water wheel turning again.

I cleared weeds in the river from both sides of the water wheel and the brick floor in front of the wheel, there were lots of tiny striped fish in the shallow water under the back of the wheel. When putting the ladder back I saw several baby Lizards on our log pile. Flying overhead were Buzzards and Marham jets.

Narborough museum had their public open day last Sunday, several bone mill volunteers are involved, see article in the EDP.

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