Blue Flower

The Munford family and bone mill volunteers had several strimming sessions to clear parts of the Nar Valley Way footpath and now Fred and James have cut the entire section from the village to the pumping station bridge with the tractor and flail so it’s now clear for walkers along the whole section.

There have been several work parties at the mill in the last two weeks, Eddie and I cut back overhanging trees on the track on our way to the mill. We mowed all the grass and pulled large weeds from the brick floor. We can’t use weedkiller near the river so we mixed up a natural, environment friendly mixture with no chemicals and sprayed the brick floor which is now clear of weeds. 

We also put up signs about our wildflower meadow project and a sign on the footpath about Heritage Open Days on 18 & 19 September. We checked the padlock securing the water wheel could be undone easily for the open days as we plan to have the wheel turning again. The HLF sign on the river wall was cleaned as it was covered in algae.

David Turner has given me the list of coins on display which were found on site, I have laminated the list and put it with the display, they range from 1695 to 2014 and the coins can now be identified from the chart. 

Emma and David strimmed the river bank and weeded the blacksmith and cistern areas as well as making preparations for the open days. The cups have all been washed as we will be serving tea, coffee and biscuits this year.

Jan and Keith planted Pansies and tidied up the gardens, they also supplied, put up and filled bird feeders in the tree and did a full clean and tidy up in the railway wagon.

Wildlife seen was a pair of Ducks, Brown Hawker Dragonfly, Buzzard, Green Woodpecker and Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar. In the fields behind the mill we saw crops being harvested.

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